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today was a tough one, but a really fun one to accomplish. stretch of the day was again, using the foam roller, this time under our ribcage at the point where your lats attach. place the foam roller under there, roll from your back to your front over and over, while yelping a little. we … Continue reading


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack. its been a while since my last post but tonight I finally got back to Atlas. holidays were spent completely out of town so no Atlas, and last week was very busy with blvd records happenings. I’m also between jobs right now so picking my Atlas days is important. it is the start … Continue reading


last night at Atlas was the biggest class I have ever been in. there were probably 16 or more of us, which is large! everyone was warming up when Sarah, an owner, came out and gave Todd the harry eye about how his class got over the standard class size. it seemed fine with everyone … Continue reading


since Thanksgiving, I think I have had at least a cookie (or some baked treat) everyday. and half the times I am eating a cookie I am also drinking beer. this will probably continue until January 3rd so it means I need to keep getting myself to Atlas. friday I went to 5:30 class at Atlas. I … Continue reading


I got myself into Atlas yesterday. it was the first time that I signed up for a class that was not led by Todd. but when I got there the instructor who was supposed to teach us was not there. Todd had mumbled something about a bike issue and said there was a photo emailed … Continue reading

busy week.

with the holiday cheer, work frenzy and generally tough weather it has been a light week as far as CrossFit goes. so while I am under some work deadlines right now this will be a short one. on Tuesday I wanted to make it to Atlas for the WOD but got busy late at work … Continue reading

smoking and sweating.

last week I came across the blog of Jennifer Reed. Reed is an owner and coach at Atlas, and also writes Paleo and Zone Basics. she has three recipes up for the start of the Holiday Meltdown Challenge. the chicken apple basil sausage patties looked really good to me. I am constantly trying to prepare … Continue reading

makeup WOD/skill day.

thursday and sundays are open gym at atlas. it is encouraged for members to come in and work on specific exercises of your choosing or completing one of the wod’s from earlier in the week. it is kind of like study hall; some working, some socializing, and you aren’t allowed to sleep. right away John … Continue reading


tuesday’s workout was a long one. two days this week the WOD has had mandatory rest between rounds. that is a pretty scary thing since it means you can give it 100% round after round. the WOD was an easier variation of the classic girl workout, Barbara. the CrossFit Journal had a good article with … Continue reading

bear complex.

monday night’s workout was the infamous Bear Complex. when I first looked at Atlas’ record board I asked Emily what the workout was since I’d never read about it on the main site. she told me it really tests your grip strength and the way it is scored is by taking the highest weight you … Continue reading